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After the recent epidemic of Ebola in African countries, the recent threat to humans is the Zika Virus thought to be evolved from South America, Brazil. This virus is named after the forest it was found. This is caused by the bite of certain mosquito found in and around that forest. If the pregnant women are bit by this virus then the babies are born with smaller heads, skull and incomplete brain development. This kind of abnormality is called 'microcephaly'. There are discussions if it is also sexually transmissible.

The mosquito that carries the virus is called 'aegypti'. This is the same species of mosquito that also causes dengue fever. Originating from Brazil, it has now been reported in as many as 22 countries in mere 2 weeks time.

Some conspiracies argue that it is human-borne action. A very strange one is that some companies deliberately spread genetically modified mosquito that could fight the aegypti in order to counter the dengue fever. That kind of tests are supposed to have been carried out in Brazilian forest where this virus outbreak. There is no proof to such zika conspiracy theories though.

There is no zika medicine or zika treatment available now but painkillers and other antibiotics stabilise and the effect goes away in 7 - 10 days time by itself. A vaccine is in development specially for mothers so they remain immune to this and give birth to healthy babies.

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