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The well-known Manchester United defender Gary Neville is going through his first managerial experience and it is NOT going so well. After hanging his boots, he was doing the punditry with SkySports, commenting on managers, players, games, strategies etc. He is remembered for his staunch remarks when a team had a bad day or so. When he was covering for a match involving a thrashing of a team in the hands of might Barcelona, he had said -
"You see teams go to the Nou Camp and get beat 5, 6, 7 - 0. Barca are a good side. But if I was involved with a team who got beat 7 - 0 there I wouldn't be able to look my family in the eyes anymore."

Well the 7-0 happened at Camp Nou yeseterday, nothing new for the Spanish giants considering the firepower of Messi, Suarez and Neymar aka MSN. It involved a Messi hattrick and Suarez hattrick + 1, so they could each take a matchball home.

Barcelona are waiting for their Round of 16 game with Arsenal in 3 weeks time (Tuesday 23 February), the first leg will be played at the Emirates Stadium, London. In recent weeks, the dent in Arsenal's form including Ozil, Sanchez might worry Arsene Wenger a bit. But when a Champions League theme plays in a stadium, all the history and record just fade, its the magic of the moment that decides a game.

Getting back to Barcelona 7 - 0 Valencia result yesterday, I wonder how Gary is coping in the backroom and training today, because as we know his family (younger brother - Phil Neville) is his assistant coach. Imagine how the eye-avoiding training session would be - awkard right ? ;)

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