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• Which metal is heavier, silver or gold?
→ Gold
• How many legs do butterflies have?
→ Six
• Which is the country with the most people?
→ China, as of November 2010, the population was 1,339,724,852
• Which state is the biggest in the US?
→ Alaska
• Which country has the largest area of land?
→ Russia
• Which is the country hosting the 2012 Olympic Games?
→ London

• Which indoor sport is the most popular in the US?
→ Basketball
• Which golf player's mother is from Thailand?
→ Tiger Woods
• What is Aurora Borealis commonly known as?
→ Northern Lights
• Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world?
→ Tooth Decay
• Which was the album the Beatles recorded the last time together?
→ Abbey Road
• Which instrument did Miles Davis, the jazz musician, play?
→ Trumpet
• What is the sport in which you could get into a headlock?
→ Wrestling
• In which country was golf first played?
→ Scotland
• Which is the sport where you could be out 'leg before wicket', or 'hit a six'?
→ Cricket
• When did baseball originate in the US?
→ 19th Century
• Which is the sport wherein you would use a 'sand iron'?
→ Golf
• What is the largest mammal in the world?
→ Blue Whale
• Which is the country where reggae music originated?
→ Jamaica
• Who was the creator of Jeeves and Wooster?
→ P.G. Wodehouse
• Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
→ Michelangelo
• Who was the writer of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
→ Lewis Carroll
• After which famous person was the teddy bear named?
→ Theodore Roosevelt
• Which is the smallest ocean in the world?
→ Arctic Ocean
• What is the rhino's horn made of?
→ Hair
• How many elements were added to the periodic table in 2011?
→ 3 elements, namely darmstadtium (Ds), roentgenium (Rg) and copernicium (Cn)

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