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A Dutch company claims to have invented a flying car after carrying out test flights at an airbase in the Netherlands two weeks ago.
Some €6m has been invested in the PAL-V so far and now the company is looking for further investors to take it through to the production stage.
Managing director and shareholder Robert Dingeemanse says he hopes the vehicle, based on a gyrocopter, will be on the market at the end of 2014. 'We have now delivered the evidence that the technology works, and we have shown the vehicle can be built within the existing rules,' the Financieele Dagblad quoted him as saying.
Drivers will need both a licence to drive cars and fly planes to use the PAL-V to escape traffic jams.
The promotional video for the car was uploaded to You Tube on April 1, but the company denies the vehicle is an April Fool's Day stunt.
Two weeks ago, another Dutchman claimed to have invented wings which allowed him to fly like a bird, but that turned out to be an elaborate hoax. The Flying Dutchman later testified it was just a test to see how internet rumors spread and wanted to raise awareness.

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